618 E. Grand Ave
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

About Us

Blueprint Express opened its doors in 1986 at 835 Grande Ave in what was then named Grover City. The focus was to bring the convenient service of copying architectural drawings to the Five Cities. The copies are known as “blueprints” due to the blue lines created on the sensitized paper by the large Diazo machines.

Keeping the nostalgic name Blueprint Express, and now fast forwarding twenty years, you probably won’t miss the smell of ammonia when you visit us today. Copies of architectural drawings are still called blueprints; however the blue lines have been replaced with the black lines of digital printing. Hard copies are being replaced with electronically transferred files. Our service is now considered “document management” and paper is being replaced with “digital files”.

The focus of Blueprint Express is to serve the architectural, engineering, building trades, industries, professionals, artists, agencies and the homeowners of the Five Cities and Nipomo. We meet this challenge by continuing to update equipment, software and services to meet the needs of the community. As always, you can expect our fast and friendly service. We are always interested in knowing how we can serve you better, email info@blueprintexp.com with your comments or special requests.